Portland’s Doctrine of Appeasement

Disgraced former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain became the face of appeasement in response to aggression when he signed the Munich Agreement conceding the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Adolph Hitler in 1938 only to watch Hitler continue his onslaught by invading Poland less than a year later. Since they no longer teach history in the Portland Public Schools, those of you who have had to endure a teachers union led education in those schools will be surprised to learn that Mr. Chamberlain was not a liberal – in fact, he was a conservative. Which only goes to show that the practice of appeasement in the face of continuous aggression never works regardless of which political persuasion seeks to use it. It is a lesson that most learned in kindergarten when confronted by a bully.

It is a lesson ignored by United States State Department and its factory of surrender monkeys – Yale University, including the John Kerry Initiative (which was put in practice when Mr. Kerry was Secretary of State and appeasement became the official policy of President Barack Obama’s administration.) It is the same myopic view taught by other Ivy League schools. And, despite nearly eighty years of routine failure, the acolytes of appeasement still cling to it – mostly to avoid being responsible for the consequences of a confrontation.

So it should be no surprise about how the latest “resistance” in Portland played out and particularly it should be no surprise as to the role of Mayor Ted Wheeler in the whole fiasco. After all Mr. Wheeler has a master degree in public policy from Harvard – a kissing cousin to Yale’s Institute for Global Affairs.

For over 100 straight days protestors, rioters and looters controlled the streets of Portland, Oregon. The usual order was for the protestors to appear and when the sun went down the rioters and looters took over. They did it because Mr. Wheeler and the other members of the Portland City Commission allowed it – hell, they even joined it at times. It’s not that the protests, riots and looting have stopped; it’s that they have modulated in recognition of Portland’s weather pattern of dreary days, low clouds and virtually unending drizzle that lasts from the first part of November until at least the end of April. Put the protests still flare up routinely for any given reason.

The latest reason appears to be the routine eviction of the owners of a red house in North Portland who had failed to make their mortgage payments. Those living in the residence included an African American and a Native American. While that was “cause” for the protestors, it had nothing to do with the evicting process. It is also not as if they tossed the residents out in the street without food or shelter. They own another residence less than two miles away and are currently living in that residence according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. No, the protests began because the protestors understand – based on the history of Mr. Wheeler and the City Commission – that there was no downside. That they could wall off a four block area with impunity. That despite Mr. Wheeler’s statement to the press that there would be “no autonomous zones” in Portland, they knew that he would do nothing about the creation of one. And so they did.

Of course, CNN breathlessly reported that the occupation was in protest of systemic racism in Portland. Baloney, Portland is the whitest major city in America. It is also one of the most liberal cities in America and it bends over backwards in fear that it will be labeled racist by the cheap shot artists. “Systemic racism” is the newest catchphrase for liberals designed to halt intelligent discussion by accusing others of something heinous. Systemic racism does not exist in Portland, does not exist in Oregon and does not exist in America. Are there racist in America? You bet. Do they control America or its institutions? No, and those claiming systemic racism know they cannot prove otherwise – that the accusation alone is enough to silence the opposition.

But back to Mr. Wheeler and the acolytes of appeasement. In the end, they did nothing to end the standoff. Meanwhile, the purchaser of the property at the foreclosure auction offered to sell it back to the previous residents for what he paid for the property plus his legal fees – we assume that what he paid was the outstanding mortgage balance that the residents had failed to pay. A Go Fund Me project appeared to have raised more than a sufficient sum to make that happen. Despite that, even though the street barricades came down, the “occupation protests” continued and the neighborhood remains tense.

But here is the kicker. As the matter was resolving itself no thanks to Mr. Wheeler or the Portland City Commission, Mr. Wheeler gave a press briefing at which he acknowledged that his policy of appeasement may lead to additional incidences. According to Oregonlive.com:

“Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler conceded Monday that protesters aura of success could lead to similar occupations over other home foreclosures – but said he hopes it doesn’t.

“He was unable to offer assurances that his administration could prevent another such standoff, which gripped the city for days as Wheeler considered sending in police to break the blockade.”

And there it is as concisely as anyone can put it. The doctrine of appeasement never works. It simply invites the next act of aggression. It is like socialism – it never works but its advocates continue to press for it.

In this instance, Mr. Wheeler should have instructed the police to remove the street barricades using non-lethal force and to arrest anyone obstructing the removal. Front end loaders would make quick work of the barricades and those arrested, if convicted, should be required to pay the cost of removal in addition to any fines.

The left never learns that only force deters bullies – unless of course the bullies are on the right. There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the thugs of Antifa and the thugs of the Proud Boys, but guess upon which one Mr. Wheeler and his ilk are prepared to use force.

I knew I couldn’t fool you.