Portland Mayor’s unusual peace plea to rioters

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

It can be unfair to cherry pick a quote from the Mayor’s important press conference this week, or to talk-down a plea to work with one’s you are at war with, but Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s statement is more troubling in light of the other things he said.

First his quote:

“For the few people who are engaged in violent activity, look, I don’t agree with you. I don’t condone under any circumstances the violence that you are engaged in. I still want to hear from you. I want to know what is driving it. I want to know how I can understand your anger, the frustration, the rage, the hurt and whatever is driving it. Maybe there is an opportunity for us to help address in a concrete way some of those issues too. I would love to hear what specific strategies you are requesting that we employ.”

During the press conference, Wheeler indicated that it was only a few dozen violent people making all the problems.  Wheeler offered no tangible idea or plan to bring these people to justice.  They have been rioting for nearly 100 days.   Wheeler admitted in the press conference he has already met with many of them.  Yet, Mayor Wheeler specifically identifies these “violent” (Mayor’s words) people as someone he wants to better understand.

Better understand?

These violent people have scrawled death threats of violence against the Mayor and the police.  What is it that Wheeler does not understand?


These violent rioters are pushing to abolish the police, empty prisons.

These violent rioters are pushing to overthrow the capitalist system (below: in their own words)


At least one is pushing to abolish America…very ambitious.

What the violent protestors want is something that Wheeler cannot give them.

Mayor Wheeler needs to stop legitimizing the violent protestors with open arms of peace negotiations.

They are destroying people’s livelihood, the racial justice cause and the City we love.

Liberal politicians keep thinking that by the sheer force of their words of good intentions they can transform criminals or enemy combatants to your side.     It doesn’t work that way.  The “violent” protestors will only respond to applying justice and prison time, something politicians like Wheeler have been making it harder to do over the past 100 days.

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