Despite high road taxes, Portland won’t plow side street snow

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon is a gigantic experiment of watching how the famous liberal-bureaucracy faces each crisis our state faces.

When COVID-19 hit, Oregon simply performed slower and worse than 40 other states on key metrics. Our jobless benefits couldn’t go out and DMV couldn’t be open due to two epic computer meltdowns.

When the COVID vaccine came out Oregon was among the nation’s 3rd slowest to vaccinate back in December.

Now comes a severe winter storm that helped cut power to more Oregonians than any other time in Oregon history. The storm is made worse because Portland is refusing to plow many of the side-streets.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation told KATU-2 TV, “We don’t plow the side streets for a couple of reasons. One is a capacity reason; we don’t have the number of plows that we would need to do that…”

Yet, Portland passed a 10-cent gas tax, helping to put Oregon in the top gas tax state sin the nation. The tax brought in millions of tax revenue beyond projection. They just renewed the gas tax last year.

Portland also has the nation’s second only Metro government bureaucracy with 600 employees to help handle transportation and other regional issues.   So Portland has both the millions and the manpower, but not the means to make it happen.

People on these side streets need clear roads in order to get their vaccine.

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