11 years of gas and road taxes. Metro wants one more.

METRO regional government is asking voters to approve Measure 26-218 which adds a new $300 million wage tax to pay for transportation
Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Taxpayer Association of Oregon urges No vote on #26-281, the latest attempt by politicians, this time METRO, to raise even higher transportation taxes.

Taxpayers have had 11 years of transportation tax increases:

2009 – 6 cent gas-tax increase
2009 – Car registration fee increase
2009  – Auto title fee increase
2009  – License plate increase
2009 –  New Multnomah car tax
2015  – 14-cent gas cost increase (LCFS est.)
2016  – 10-cent Portland gas-tax increase
2017  – New .5% car sales tax
2017  – 10 cent gas-tax increase
2017  – New Transportation .1% payroll tax
2017  – Auto registration fee increase
2017  – Auto title fee increase
2017  – 25% truck mileage tax hike
2020  – 10 cent Portland gas tax renewal
2020  – Employee payroll transit tax increase


Apparently, a decade of road tax hikes is not enough.

METRO wants their own $5.2 billion transportation tax package.

Even $5.2 billion may not be enough…

Ÿ•Ÿ The tax is permanent

•Ÿ METRO can adjust the tax rate without a public vote

Ÿ•Ÿ METRO still favors creating road tolls even if the tax passes

And it won’t help reduce traffic:

•Ÿ  Ÿ Only 3% of the METRO tax will be spent on congestion relief

Ÿ•Ÿ Why have a $5.2 billion transportation tax if it doesn’t help reduce traffic?

 Taxpayer Association of Oregon urges No vote on #26-281

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