Biden: A Practiced and Oblivious Fool

For eight long years President Barack Obama (D) refused to acknowledge the existence of Muslim terrorists, Islamic terrorists or even radical Islamic terrorists – at least not by that name. And he banned use of that term by members of his administration. It is difficult to tell whether Mr. Obama was simply exercising his Democrat preference of avoiding words with negative connotations (e.g. illegal aliens as undocumented workers, homeless as temporarily unsheltered, etc.). Or that acknowledging the existence of Islamic terrorists would tarnish the image of Islam (a religion that he was taught as a child in Jakarta, Indonesia where he attended as Wahabi school). Or that acknowledging the existence of radical Islamic terrorists would force him to defend the actions of his biological father and grandfather during difficult periods in Kenya.

Despite Mr. Obama’s refusal to note that which was clearly before him, radical Islamic terrorists did exist. They did fly the passenger jets into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. They did create videos of them beheading Westerners including James Foley, Daniel Pearl, and David Haines. And according to Wikipedia they did kill nearly 147,000 people in over 31,000 attacks. Whatever the reason, Mr. Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the existence of radical Islamic terrorists set him out as a practiced and oblivious fool.

And now, President Joe Biden (D) is following in Mr. Obama’s footsteps. Mr. Biden has steadfastly refused to acknowledge that the massive surge of illegal immigrants on our southern border constitutes a “crisis.” Members of his administration and especially his communication chief Jen Psaki (now universally referenced as a single word “JenPsaki,” have stretched credulity by referring to the crisis as “a challenge” “an enormous challenge” and “an overwhelming challenge” but never a crisis. And while Mr. Biden appears insistent on making his presidency a 2.0 version of Mr. Obama’s term, the reason for his reluctance to acknowledge a crises on the southern border is a direct outgrowth of Mr. Obama’s obfuscation of what were his responsibilities. It is Mr. Biden’s words, his policies and his encouragements that have resulted in this sudden surge of illegal immigrants at the border along with the unprecedented surge of unaccompanied children sent by the drug cartels. It is a crisis of Mr. Biden’s making and by acknowledging it as crisis he will have to own this colossal blunder. He will have to acknowledge that as a result of this blunder he has opened a new avenue for the spread of COVID 19 – facts don’t lie, many of the illegal immigrants have tested positive for the virus. He will have to acknowledge that as a result of his blunder he had opened the door for narco smugglers and human traffickers – facts don’t lie, the Border Patrol has identified these cretins, including the most violent of them all – MS13. He will have to acknowledge that these traffickers have a strangle hold on these new illegal immigrants because they can threaten them, and their families in their country of origin – facts don’t lie, the Border Patrol has noted that these new illegal immigrants have been tagged or banded and that this banding provides information relating to their country of origin, family members left behind, and location to which these illegals are to be relocated and that this data has been stored and computerized by these narco and human traffickers. Mr. Biden will have to acknowledge that he daily violates that for which he criticized former President Donald Trump – keeping minor children for excessive periods in overcrowded and filthy facilities – facts don’t lie, the Border Patrol has documented the number of minors detained, the excessive number of persons detained in overcrowded facilities, and the periods of time detained in excess of law. And while Mr. Biden has labeled all of this as a “challenge” it is, in fact, a crisis, a disaster, and a human tragedy like nothing we have seen for at least the past two decades – one for which Mr. Biden has no resolution except word games.

And like Mr. Obama, the refusal to acknowledge that which is clearly before him makes Mr. Biden a practiced and oblivious fool.

For those of you who seek to excuse Mr. Biden’s myopia by pointing to other political figures, please understand that you too are a practiced and oblivious fool. Two wrongs do not make a right. And denial of a fact clearly known only makes you look foolish.