Lawmakers defend taxpayers while Capitol debates new gas tax

While we were acknowledging Tax Freedom Day yesterday, the House Transportation Committee was hearing two tax bills, a gas tax increase and a vehicle registration increase (Those are on top of the 300% title fee increase bill heard earlier this Session). Gas tax? Gas tax? Voters already rejected a gas tax. Oregon is already suffering from historic high gas prices (see Local gas prices are again moving into record territory).

Thank goodness we have some lawmakers who are standing up to the tax fever. To the right is a picture of our Tax Freedom Day Press conference before a yellow wall of 1,000 signatures of people asking for No New Taxes! Special thanks to (left) Sen. Larry George, Rep. Kim Thatcher, Rep. Linda Flores and Sen. Gary George who are true friends of Oregon taxpayers. Our wall of no-tax signatures was over 20 feet long and had to be trimmed to fit the Capitol Press Room. Conference held by Taxpayer Association of Oregon.