Sen. Boquist update: GOP authored bill disqualifies GOP Senators?

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

Senator Bill Hansell (GOP), Senator Lynn Findley (GOP), Senator Dick Anderson (GOP) are working with Senate Democrat Leader Rob Wagner (Democrat) to remove elected republicans from office with Senate Bill 865. The bill directly impacts both Sen. Dallas Heard (R-Roseburg) and Sen. Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) who were elected to leadership positions in the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) earlier this year.

9 tax threats coming out of the statehouse

Senate Bill 533 would prohibit the Governor from taking actions that would keep Oregonians from working or operating their businesses.

Senate Bill 789 will require the Governor to get the Legislature’s approval of an emergency declaration after 60 days.

A Portland senator is trying to take away rural fire protection.


MASKS FOREVER: OR-OSHA, a non-elected group of bureaucrats, has decided to make masks mandatory indefinitely or until they tell you otherwise

You’ll remember, just last Friday on April 30, Gov. Kate Brown’s shut down of 15 Oregon counties went into effect, and correctly received tons of pushback.

Not even one week later, she rescinded the rule and put the same 15 counties back in “high risk” category on May 7, but not before restaurants laid off staff and threw away food. Some think her unpopularity on Twitter spurred the sudden change.

For example, Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam is filing a federal lawsuit against Gov. Kate Brown’s unconstitutional executive orders. Included in the lawsuit are the Heart of Main Street, the Oregon Mom’s Union, and other people and businesses that have been destroyed by government overreach.