Rep. Mike Nearman, Sen. Dallas Heard hit with Covid

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

First, Covid-19 began hitting staff members inside the State Capitol causing at least three floor shutdowns and week-long delays within the Capitol. Then State Representative Mike Nearman got infected saying on talk radio “I have a really bad case of COVID and I’m kind of on the mend a little bit,”

The AP also reported that Oregon State Senator and State GOP chair, Dallas Heard has been hit with the virus. AP stated, “Sen. Dallas Heard, who is also chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, told Senate leadership that he was exposed to the virus on April 25, that his father lives with him and that he must go into quarantine, the Salem Statesman Journal reported Friday.”

Although better treatment methods and better understanding of the virus over time has greatly reduced the death rate (especially among those without high-risk conditions) it is still life-threatening and among those who recover it is still common for them to be painfully bed ridden for days if not weeks.

Knowing this, we should keep Representative Mike Nearman and Senator Dallas Heard in your thoughts and prayers.

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