Final tax push: Toll tax, timber tax, property tax study

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Despite record breaking revenue into the State and despite $5 billion in unexpected cash handouts from Congress, the Oregon Legislature is considering more taxes.  Two taxes in one day.  There are two tax bills (Hb 2438, HB 2070) set for a hearing in the House Revenue Committee on Wednesday June 2nd.

The property tax study bill, HB 2438, will be having a hearing. HB 2438 directs the State Government to study property taxes and come up with a property tax that is more “stable” and more “adequate”. Property taxes could not hardly be more stable since they weather economic trends quite well. What they mean is how can politicians raise even higher property taxes on Oregon homeowners who already pay higher property taxes than the national average.

HB 2070, the Timber Tax extension bill is set for a Committee vote. It was set to expire this year, but is being renewed for another two years. This tax comes after many timber towns are devastated by the 2020 historic wildfires.

Lawmakers also debated HB 3055, the road toll tax bill, last week which creates eligibility requirements for Oregon to begin a tolling system (likely Interstate 55, Interstate 205), extends aviation fuel taxes, and expands short-term borrowing indebtedness capacity from $100 million to $600 million.   The tax is part of a larger package of transportation law changes, fixes and updates.

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