Help us stop Gov. Brown’s small business tax!!!

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is trying to squeeze a $50 million tax on small family businesses at the last minute.  Last December, Gov. Brown budgeted for a tax increase on small businesses and now she is trying to ramrod the tax during the final days of the 2021 Legislature when people are not looking

The timing or raising taxes on small family owned businesses could not be worse.  As we speak, 13 Oregon counties are still labeled in “High Risk” restrictions, yet, politicians want to hit them with a new tax.  It is downright heartless to raise taxes on a family restaurant while at the same time telling them to not accept customers.

Even worse, the politicians do not need the money.  They just received $5 billion in federal Covid funds — so much money that they do not even know how to spend it all.

Senate Bill 139 hearing was announced late Friday for a Monday public hearing (6/7), hoping to ram it through quickly so taxpayers would not notice.  Two different gut-and-stuff amendments have been offered (Amendment #7, Amendment #19).

SB 139 raises the income tax rate that family owned companies pay.

Please call and/or email the Senator on the Oregon Senate Finance Committee immediately.

Let them know to “vote against any new taxes on small businesses”and “vote no on SB 139”.  As always, be kind, polite and courteous when you call.

Chair Senator Ginny Burdick, 503-986-1718, [email protected]​​ ​
Vice-Chair Senator Brian Boquist, 503-986-1712, [email protected]
Member Senator Lynn Findley, 503-986-1730, [email protected]
Member Senator Chuck Riley, 503-986-1715, [email protected]
Member Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner, 503-986-1719, [email protected]

Please call today.

The politicians will soon be leaving the State Capitol at the end of the month so we must stop this in the next few days or it risks becoming law.  Do not let the politicians use of fast-tracking taxes discourage you from sharing your opinion — in fact, the reason they are trying to pass this tax so quickly is to silence your voice.

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