Anthony Fauci and the Coronavirus

Prior to December of 2017 the United States through the government funded National Institute of Health (NIH) had a ban on research into enhancing the potency and ease of transmission of deadly viruses. That ban was lifted by Dr. Anthony Fauci as NIH Director. Dr. Fauci, thereafter became instrumental in providing NIH funding directly or indirectly to the Wuhan laboratories in Communist China (the probable site of the production and release of the COVID 19 virus which to date has spread to every country on earth and is responsible for some 3,750,000 deaths worldwide). The Wuhan facility’s primary job was to enhance the potency and ease of transmission of deadly viruses.

Had you known any or all of this prior to March of 2020 when Dr. Fauci began to regularly appear as the “leading expert” on infectious disease (COVID-19) would you have believed a thing he said regarding the ensuing pandemic? If you knew any or all of this would you have looked to Dr. Fauci as a “saint” for his work, or would you have demanded that he be fired and tried as an accessory before and after the fact in light of the nearly 600,000 COVID related deaths in the United States?

Had you known that in Dr. Fauci’s private emails that he had dismissed the efficacy of cloth facemasks because the virus is so small that even the tightest weave of cloth is so grandly porous that it will allow the virus to pass through (a point that I made in this column two weeks ago), would you have allowed yourself to be bullied into wearing these stage prop facemasks by a host of third rate politicians, e.g. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Gov. Kate Brown (D-OR), President Joe Biden (D), Vice President Carmella Harris (D), etc.?

Millions have died worldwide. Hundreds of millions have been infected. Economies have been damaged and in some instances will collapse. Businesses have been brutalized and many will not survive. Good, hardworking people have been sidelined and denied their ability to work and earn a living. And yet neither Mr. Fauci nor those third rate politicians and bureaucrats will ever be held to account. This is, in fact, “the swamp” and it continues to flourish and gain strength.