Enviros destroying Oregon’s top recycling plant

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

50 years ago this year, Oregon passed the first bottle bill in America.

Now the fools at city hall and state bureaucracies plan to kill bottle recycling with taxes and regulations.

These days a lot of beverages come in cans, but we humans still empty a lot of bottles and they have to go somewhere.

For two thirds of a century, the Owens Brockway glass plant has been a familiar feature next to I-205. You see the massive piles of colored glass as you drive from the Portland airport.

Every single recycled bottle in the Beaver state ends up in those piles: 100 million pounds a year. That includes a lot of green glass from the region’s treasured wineries…where the color in the glass protects the wine inside.

Just recently you heard the news: the Oregon DEQ hit the company with more than a million dollars in fines.

City hall Portland wants millions in carbon taxes: you know, global warming and predictions of doom from democrat party expert AOC.

Owens Brockway warns profits are thin at that plant and it won’t survive all the new taxes and fines. By the way, that’s the plant that provides dozens of jobs, millions in taxes and is the only colored glass recycler in the state.

Kill the plant and all those pretty glass bottles will be trucked to landfills burning lots and lots of diesel.

No one knows how to cut off his nose to spite his own face better than a Northwest greenie on a mission.