Ex-Congressman, Ex-lawmaker, 6 more eye Nearman seat

By NW Spotlight

Here is the latest from the insider chatter and rumor from people working on the replacement for recently expelled State Representative Mike Nearman Seat in Oregon House District 23.   There are eight candidates who have speculated a run which include a former Congressman, two former State Representatives (including Mike Nearman himself), Legislative aide, school board chair and more.


Anna Scharf – Chair local school board
Michael Cape
Jim Bunn – Former Oregon Congressman
Mike Nearman – Former State Representative
Harry Noah – Hazelnut entrepreneur
Jim Thompson – Former State Representative
John Swanson – Senate staffer
Jeff Kuebler – Pollster

Jim Bunn served in Congress from 1995 to 1997.  Jim Thompson served as State Representative from 2009 to 2013, has been also a member of the Independent Party of Oregon and was replaced by Mike Nearman.  John Swanson is Chief of Staff for Oregon State Senator Chuck Thomsen and is volunteer Board member of Oregon Right to Life.  Anna Scharf is office manager for Scharf farms and Perrydale School Board Chair.

This Friday local Republican PCP people vote to fill the Nearman seat vacancy.

Slightly over 50% of the vote to approve comes from Polk County and their three Commissioners with the rest of the vote divided among Yamhill, Marion and Benton.

There has been little public statements on these candidates and the information provided is purely rumor among people involved in the races.