Sen. Boquist: Flaw in Gov. re-opening, emergency extension

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,

Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

Gov. Kate Brown is reopening the state on June 30 and ending the mask mandate. The media is acting excited about this, but the arbitrary date of June 30 does not make a difference because the governor is not giving up her emergency powers. She will retain her ability to lockdown Oregon again. Watch her press conference at the 49:50 mark. A reporter asks if the new executive order repeals the others. The governor says it is an extension of her emergency orders, “focused on recovery efforts, but repeals social distancing, masks…” With her unconstitutional emergency powers still in place, Gov. Brown can push the state back in lockdown and force any number of policies on Oregonians, such as vaccine passports.

It is up to the legislature to strip Gov. Brown of her emergency powers like other states are doing, but in a Democrat controlled state with socialist Republicans toeing the line, that doesn’t look to be a possibility.

State hospital authorizes up to $1.2 million to pay National Guard to care for patients

The number of nursing employees on leave because of Covid-related childcare problems has declined, but staffing shortages continue to plague the Oregon State Hospital. Thirty members of the National Guard will help with patient care through the end of July.

Calls grow for Oregon governor to scrap 70% vaccination goal. The head of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association said it’s time to return to ‘business as normal,’ even if the 70% goal isn’t met