Sen. Boquist: Election results, ballot measures, Gov. emergency power…

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter


20 pro-life candidates won school board positions across the state. Other races are still being counted.

Ballot measure introduced by Democrat group to ban denial of quorum or walk-out protests. Oregon Republicans have used the denial of quorum as a tool in 2019, 2020 and now 2021 because as the minority party, they have absolutely no other drastic way to stand up for hard-working Oregonians. Ever the hypocrite, Gov. Kate Brown has previously used walk-outs. Interestingly, Democrats claim to champion protests, yet shriek like toddlers having a tantrum that Senate Republicans are not “doing their jobs” by denying quorum when the denial of quorum is a protest. The 60 delegates chosen by the people to write the Oregon Constitution in 1857 put the 2/3 quorum requirement in the Constitution for a reason: To protect the minority from the rule of the majority. Oregon Democrats do not want to legislate – they want to rule. They will stop at nothing to maintain absolute power.

Greater Idaho project update: During the May 18th, Oregon Primary, five more counties (Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman) passed measures in favor of joining the Greater Idaho territory proposal. Sherman County passed it by 62%.


SR 2 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Rules. It would end the Governor’s emergency powers regarding symptomatic Covid-19 as the Oregon Supreme Court required. It puts the Legislature back as an equal branch of power, which the Democrats control. It would open the Capitol to the people once again.

• House lawmakers tried to invoke HJR 18 to end Gov. Brown’s 15-month long government power grab under the guise of COVID-19. With the legislature controlled by leftist Democrats, it will not go anywhere. Oregon elected Democrats are on the side of supporting tyranny over liberty. It can be done: Pennsylvania became the 1st in the nation to curb the governor’s emergency powers.

• Sen. Republican Leader goes in more detail on Oregon’s “runaway train of unbalanced government”.

• Government meddling in business with HB 3110. This bill requires board of directors of publicly traded corporations to have at least one female director and one director who is a member of an underrepresented community.

HB 2362 is a direct assault on pro-life and faith-based health care providers. Pushed by Planned Parenthood, HB 2362 would give the poorly run and communist Oregon Health Authority (OHA) the ability to force pro-life health care entities into providing abortions.

COVID update

• Brown’s Vaccine Rollout Left More Seniors Hospitalized Than Other States, New Data Show: As the vaccination of seniors lagged in Oregon, the state had relatively more cases of severe illness among the elderly than other states.

• Oregon government is doing everything it can to manipulate people into getting the COVID-19 jab and now offering cash prizes, including $1 million jackpot, in drawing for vaccinated Oregonians. This is creating a tiered society: vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

A good reminder about the career bureaucrats and nitwits who are running the COVID-19 “show” in Oregon. The OHA director recently lost re-election to Sherwood School Board.