Send us your Gov’t-didn’t-work pandemic story

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As Oregon re-opens, Oregonians realize that 46 others states have already been fully open and providing government services for a long, long, long time.

Government was paying its employees but too often no one was answering or returning phone calls.

KGW-TV reported how one agency had employees sit idle all day long playing video games.

One county would be open and accessible to the public while the neighboring county would be closed, with neither county at elevated Covid risks.

One county forced a gym to restrict customers to use only a single bathroom instead of the seven others available.

It is time to put this shameful scandal into public record.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon wants to collect citizen personal stories of avoidable government dysfunction during the pandemic.

Please share with us EXAMPLES of;

  • Government being closed when similar private sector services were open.
  • State and local government being closed when it was open in other cities, counties, states.
  • Extreme delays government services that could not realistically be solely blamed Covid.
  • Government restrictions that didn’t make sense or remained well beyond their time.
  • Workers still being paid even though their jobs were suspended for months.
  • Paying a fee for a service that was not provided or in use.
  • Government providing no way for citizens to make contact with them.

Please provide only Oregon examples.

Please email us soon before this pandemic is behind us and we lose a chance to document this critical moment in history.

Email us your story to the Taxpayers Association of Oregon to the email below.

Email is important for us to follow-up if we have questions or need further detail.

Please pass this email unto others, we must gather their stories before we forget.

Please note, we have routinely praised our heroes and thanked our government workers for their service during this pandemic.  Having said that, we owe it to the cause of transparency and taxpayer accountability to record the failures, faults and abuses within our government.  Only you can help us tell the full story of what Oregonians experienced.

Once again, email us your story to the Taxpayers Association of Oregon to the email below.

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