Help stop Gov. Brown’s $50M ‘pandemic’ tax on small business


By Taxpayers Association of Oregon
Since 1999

Gov. Brown’s small business tax (SB 139-a) has passed the Oregon Senate and House and is before the Governor’s desk. 

Because the tax is so bad, multiple Democrat Senators voted against it in the Senate.

SB 139A raises the tax rate for family owned businesses by at least 17% during our pandemic.

It is opposed by NFIB, Oregon Family Farm Association, Portland Business Alliance, Oregon Business & Industry, Food NW, Restaurant & Lodging Association, Oregon Association of Nurseries, local Chambers, Auto Dealers Association, Oregon Small Business Association and many more.

This tax raises $50 million in new taxes just as small restaurants, gyms, markets and shops emerge from the pandemic.  The politicians do not need the money as they just received $4 billion in flexible COVID relief funds.   They are also fast-tracking the process and passing this tax during the final 200 hours of the Legislative Session where bills move at lightning speed and even the media can’t keep track because everything is moving too fast.   Gov. Brown announced the tax increase framework back in December, but waited until the last days to actually show the public the details.  DO NOT LET your lawmakers get away with raising taxes on small businesses behind closed doors with their fast-track gimmicks.   This is as corrupt as it gets in Oregon.

SB 139A is before the Governor.

You can call the Governor to oppose SB 139 the $50 Million small business tax at the number below:

Governor Kate Brown
Phone: (503) 378-4582