Politicians drowning us in virus confusion, contradictions

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

I’m doing my best to sort out the blizzard of advice we get from our so-called leaders about the pandemic and Covid variants Alpha through Delta, so far.

Last Fall, the man who’s now President scoffed at the idea of taking any vaccine with any connection to the Evil Orange man.

Today, Joe Biden pleads with Americans to take the jab and wonders where all that vaccine hesitancy comes from.

Maybe it’s the fact that governments chose to lie to citizens all through this emergency…hid the numbers, exaggerated numbers and gave conflicting advice.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the Baskin Robbins of mask advice…masks are no good, they’re very good, you should wear a mask, you don’t need a mask and maybe you should double it up. Take your pick and put it in a waffle cone.

Governments all the way from Kate Brown to the CDC have told you are forbidden to get Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine because they’re not government approved… but at the same time, they tell you if you DON’T take the still not fully approved vaccines, side effects and all, they’ll declare you a pariah in polite society.

Get the shot, they shout, it protects you.

Consider the White House, where EVERYONE is vaccinated and yet, some of them got Corona anyway. This week, spokeswoman Jen Psaki flatly refused to answer a reporter who asked how many of the vaccinated got sick…then she demanded to know “why do you have to have that information.”

Translation: sit down, shut up, take the jab and don’t question orders from your government betters.

And the latest from the CDC…even if you got the shot, you have to wear a mask anyway.