Sen. Boquist: Petitions to sign, more

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Report: Oregon government failed to prevent heat wave deaths

— DO THIS: Attend the Polk County Fair and sign these ballot initiatives: 301   Referendum on SB 554 Gun Restrictions; 302 Clean Voter Rolls, Petition 27 The Family, Individuals and Small Business safe Harbor Act of 2022 (makes it so tyrants OR-OSHA can’t fine anyone for noncompliance of subjective COVID restrictions),  and  Petition 28 The Family, Individuals and Small Business safe Harbor Act of 2022 (making tyrants OR-OSHA repay anyone they fined).

— Gov. Brown issued a new decree that once-lauded and now shackled to government regulation, health care workers who are not vaccinated must submit to at least weekly testing for COVID-19. She is requiring children who pose little to no risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 to wear masks in school. We live in a society of cowards that are comfortable permitting child abuse with the masks. In the UK, five times more children died of suicide than COVID.

— This post by the Oregon Moms Union sums it up: “Parents deserve choice in their child’s health and in their education… We refuse to co-parent with the government.”

— Oregon’s new standards for social science exchange colorblindness for racialism. This is not progress.

— Rep. Cori Bush is another great example of this hypocrisy from the last 48-hours. She said her life is more valuable than the rest of ours and warrants spending thousands of dollars on private security, while she advocates to defund the police in everyday American neighborhoods. What Portland’s defunding the police looks like.

— Local Oregon mayor wants the toppled statues.

— Oregon’s own Ryan Crouser captures gold in the shot put at the Tokyo Olympics in tribute to his fallen grandpa.

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