Report: Oregon cannabis workers in slave-like labor camps

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Oregon in 2014, but since then the industry has been largely left unsanctioned. Without industry rules for working conditions, it has allowed slave-like labor camps or what some County Commissioners are calling it “narco-slavery” to take place. This “narco-slavery” occurs when organized criminal networks intimidate, relocate, exploit, and abuse their laborers. Josephine County officials have blown the whistle in a letter that is witness to the appalling conditions laborers are subjected to. Such conditions include:

  • No running water or bathing facilities
  • Dangerously unsanitary cooking facilities and food
  • Sleeping in containers stacked three-high
  • Living in tents and plywood shanties

Often workers in similar situations are trapped in this terrible conditions due to intimidation by employers or being exploited by their debt, language barriers or labor status.

Read the full letter here. The letter includes disturbing images of the conditions like the one above.

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