Sen. Boquist: Requiring women in labor to wear masks?

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

Hospitals across Oregon are treating pregnant women inhumanely. Right now, during summer, it is a policy at the hospital to force all women to get tested for COVID upon admission, so the staff knows how much protective gear to wear. They are treating pregnant women as sick no matter what.

Women are forced to wear masks during labor and delivery, an incredible physical challenge. Remember when OHA changed its ridiculous mask rules because track athletes were passing out? Imagine breathing that heavily for hours to bring a baby into the world. Why is a hospital making women suffer this inhumane treatment in a time that is supposed to be HAPPY?

Hospitals across the state are blaming the COVID-19 delta variant for lack of beds, when the reality is the hospitals have been short staffed for months, and therefore cannot staff the needed beds. In 2020 when Gov. Brown arbitrarily shut down “non-essential” medical procedures, thousands of medical staff were laid off and many have not returned to work. Additionally, hospitals cannot find staff to do important janitorial and cleaning services because many Oregonians are still using the government-subsidized unemployment checks. These hospitals are experiencing needed medical personnel quitting, not because of COVID, but because of consequential decisions made by corporate staff to save money.

Oregon is requiring COVID-19 vaccines for all teachers. She is also telling doctors and nurses to get vaccinated or be fired. An Oregon government employee writes about how she will be fired from her job if she doesn’t get the vaccine, and she’s 5 months pregnant. From her point of view: “I am being forced to either contradict what I think is best for myself and my baby or face losing my job, income, and health coverage when I need it most.”

Oregon is forcing children to wear face masks in school without scientific reasoning and if kids refuse to comply, they can kiss their indoctrination-filled public education goodbye.

Gov. Kate Brown is backtracking on her original statements that Oregon schools would stay in-person this school year. One Oregon Rep was already told his superintendents need to “dust off” their remote learning plans.

Biden is extending the federal mask mandate into 2022 and telling Americans to get booster shots.

UW Medical denied organ transplants to patients refusing a COVID vaccine as early as June.

Democrats introduce a bill to ban unvaccinated Americans from airlines.

3 U.S. senators — King, Wicker and Hickenlooper — test positive (still using the false-positive PCR tests) for COVID-19 on Thursday

An interesting take: As of Wednesday, Israel had 451 seriously ill Covid patients in its hospitals. 276 are vaccinated: 266 fully, 10 partly. A year ago today, before vaccines existed, it had a TOTAL of 368 seriously ill hospitalized patients.

Resource: Management Protocol for Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS)

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter