President Biden’s Diminished Capacity is Causing a Crises Much Greater than Afghanistan

The cognitive decline of President Joe Biden (D), denied by the Democrat Party and buried by their publicists in the mainstream media, has suddenly become the topic de rigueur for the media led by the very outlets that worked so diligently during the presidential campaign and the first six months of Mr. Biden’s presidency to insure that this façade of mental competence remained palatable. The sudden shift comes in the aftermath of Mr. Biden’s decision to make an abrupt and poorly planned military exit from Afghanistan. And that begs the first questions, why?

It did not come after the crisis on our southern border when Mr. Biden, in reality, opened the border to illegal immigrants resulting in an overwhelming of the abilities of the Border Patrol, incarceration of unaccompanied minors in cages, a massive COVID influx, a massive increase in the amount of illegal drugs smuggled into the country, a massive increase in human trafficking and the increase in criminal activity by those illegals belonging to or under the influence of the drug cartels and the Central American gangs. No, the same media outlets that are now hot after the disaster in Afghanistan wrent by Mr. Biden’s incompetence continue to ignore and/or bury the facts surrounding the border crisis.

It did not come when Mr. Biden suppressed the re-opening of our economy by inducing needed workers to withhold their services in favor of unemployment payments and bonuses. The evidence in that disincentive is clearly visible in the difference between those states that eliminated the unemployment bonuses and those that did not. But again, the same media outlets that have their knives out for Mr. Biden over Afghanistan remain silent yet today over this calamitous economic impediment.

It did not come as Mr. Biden continues to fumble the COVID crisis – still failing to be forthcoming about the real mortality risks, suppressing the effects of treatments for COVID (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etc.) and focusing on the morbidity* of the variants rather than their mortality* rates. Strangely, nearly nine months after the creation of the COVID vaccines, we are led to believe by the panic of government officials and the very media outlets that are now attacking Mr. Biden, that we are back to where we were a year ago – we are not.

So the question remains, why now?

The best explanation is that Mr. Biden’s cognitive dissonance has become so great and the consequences so obvious that denial even by his loyal propagandists in the media can no longer be tolerated. In this instance, there is clear proof that Mr. Biden ignored the existing intelligence about strength and capability of the Taliban, the battle preparedness of the Afghan army, the advice of his military commanders and, apparently, everyone else except for Secretary of State Antony Blinken – the man who has counseled him for forty years into an unbroken succession of foreign affairs mistakes, omissions, and now catastrophes. Mr. Biden acted unilaterally (except for Mr. Blinken) and this catastrophic withdrawal is solely his responsibility. Remember it is not the decision to withdraw; it is the means by which Mr. Biden chose to withdraw – a complete and predictable disaster.

One of the signs of cognitive decline is the frustration that ensues when you cannot track from the beginning of a thought to its conclusion. It is highlighted by the increasing failure to remember a name, a place or even a descriptor. The frustration often boils over into anger, or a snappish response, or a “just do it because I told you to” demand. But there is a difference when frustrations boil over between throwing your sand wedge in the lake and, as commander in chief, ordering your military to withdraw knowing full well the certainty of disaster. It is even more critical when that person has the “nuclear trigger” at his unfettered disposal – as does the declining Mr. Biden.

The Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution is clear as to how to remove an incapacitated President. It does not require that it be done but it directs how it is done. But the Twenty-fifth Amendment also declares the order of succession to the presidency beginning with – you guessed it, Vice-President Kamala Harris (D). A recent poll by the Trafalgar Group noted:

“A majority of likely voters lack confidence in Vice President Kamala Harris’s readiness to be president, according to a new poll.

“A survey administered by Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group found 58.6% of respondents said they were ‘not confident at all’ that Harris, who would succeed President Joe Biden if he were to vacate office, is ready to be president ‘based on her performance as vice president.’ Five percent of those surveyed said they were ‘not very confident’ in Harris.

“Only 36.4% of the more than 1,000 people surveyed said they were ‘very confident,’ ‘somewhat confident,’ or ‘not sure’ how confident they were about Harris’s readiness to serve as president.”

This is not an aberration, rather it is a continuing statement of dissatisfaction with Ms. Harris stemming back to the presidential primary days when she was forced to end her campaign in the face of a lackluster seven percent of Californians (her home state) who indicated that they would support her to be the presidential nominee. Ms. Harris continues to be the most purposefully ignorant person who has ever occupied the office of Vice-President. She refuses to learn despite the unprecedented access to every important and unimportant issue of our time. And that is the history of her entire adult life. You may remember that Ms. Harris, instead of working hard, learning the issues and making informed decisions, chose to use sex as her means for advancement. She carried on a multi-year affair with the former California Speaker of the House Willie Brown (D) and used that as a means of securing introduction, access and support for her political career. She is famous for her demeaning interrogations and “me too” positions knowing full well as a United States Senator she will never be responsible for the outcome of her actions. And nothing has changed. Ms. Harris runs from responsibility. She is more Marie Antoinette than Margaret Thatcher.

But it doesn’t end there. The line of succession should Mr. Biden resign or be removed continues on to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (one of the two persons in the line of succession even older than Mr. Biden), and then to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) as President Pro Tempore of the Senate (the other one). And from there it ticks down the members of the cabinet beginning with Mr. Blinken – the author of most of Mr. Biden’s foreign policy mistakes. The point here is that exercise of the Twenty-fifth Amendment only makes a terrible problem worse.

One might suggest a form of power sharing to ensure that Mr. Biden can no longer act unilaterally – particularly with regard to the nuclear trigger. Unfortunately, the United States Constitution does not permit such an arrangement – it imposes all of the duties, responsibilities and capabilities as Commander-in Chief on that single person. There is a point at which the danger from a senile president outweighs the fear of an incompetent as successor. We are rapidly approaching that point and there is nothing we can do – in fact, that point may have been reached particularly if Mr. Biden abandons American citizens in Afghanistan due to his arbitrary deadline of August 31.

Pray that Mr. Biden stabilizes and that we are saved from a presidency under Ms. Harris.


*For those of you forced to endure a teachers union led education in the Portland Public Schools “morbidity” refers to the frequency of infection while “mortality” refers to the frequency of death.