New school laws get F grade

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

Do parents need a better signal to take their kids and flee from the public schools?

Now, you don’t have to read or write or do math to earn a high school diploma.

State Reps passed that law earlier this summer and Kate Brown signed it almost a month ago.

So, before you even consider questions like:

-will teacher unions allow public schools to open this fall?

-will my child be required to wear a mask?

-will vaccines be required once the FDA grants emergency use authorization

Before you get to any of that, ask yourself if you’re willing to submit your kids for the kind of failure public schools offer. About a quarter of kids drop out and only half of the remaining three-quarters, make minimum marks on tests.

So, schools did away with the tests.

Then this summer…your representatives in Salem dropped proficiency rules for reading, writing and math altogether.

The Governor claims this helps black and Latino kids.

Kate Brown apparently has a very low opinion of the prospects of children of color?

Helping kids by setting the bar to zero and turning diplomas into toilet paper?

With friends like Kate in Salem, who needs enemies?