Sen. Boquist: Cash flood. Gov. welcomes refugees. More shutdowns.

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter


— Possibly more money than ever coming to Oregon taxpayers in next year’s kicker. Don’t worry, Democrats will tax the hell out of Oregonians to get it back.

— Always looking for media attention and a way to schmooze herself to work for Biden, Gov. Kate Brown is “welcoming” Afghan refugees to the state. Meanwhile, American troops and civilians are being killed in the country.

— WATCH: Black mother confronts Antifa after her children were assaulted at prayer gathering

— Leftist Portland protesters/rioters hate Biden.

— Manufacturing issues are causing delays for rapid-tests for Oregonians, but this isn’t an issue for hospitals. When pregnant women arrive to have their babies, in what should be a happy occasion, they are still forced to get a rapid COVID test upon admission.

— Oregon outdoor mask mandate went into effect on August 27, regardless of vax status.

— Politicians play yo-yo with COVID rules.

— Oregon begins shutting down schools, events.

— Central Oregon educators in nearly all of the region’s school districts are concerned that Gov. Kate Brown’s new vaccination mandate will contribute to staffing shortages. This concern also applies to police and first responders, who are already stretched thin and being treated as public enemy #1, when they were celebrated just over a year and a half ago.

— ‘My body, my choice’ was always a lie, and the injection mandates prove it.

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