Sen. Boquist: ACLU erases the word ‘women’?

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— The Left is ERASING women. The ACLU quoted RBG in a Tweet and exchanged “woman” for “people”. Pregnant WOMEN are now referred to as pregnant “people” or “birthing persons” by scientists and the corrupt Biden Admin. By erasing women, all leftist talking points sound idiotic.

— In the world of redistricting, both the Washington Post and The Hill report on the lopsided nature of the maps proposed by Oregon Legislative Democrats. After some national pushback when Republicans did not show up to the floor on Saturday, Democrats are allegedly floating other maps that probably offer buyouts for socialist Republicans and still screw over every day Oregonians. Good times!

— The redistricting floor session was delayed to Saturday because “someone” tested positive for COVID-19 in the Capitol. They didn’t have to wait 2 weeks like the rest of us plebians to continue to “do business” because elitists can do whatever they want (check the Met Gala). This is reminiscent of the beginning of the politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID was in Oregon and Democrats didn’t care because it collided with the Feb 2020 short session. Then Gov. Brown passed cap and trash with an executive order and suddenly COVID was convenient. They USE covid when it suits them.

— Democrat Mingus Mapps sounds off on Portland defunding police.

— The vaccination mandate for health care and public employees hits mid-October. This mandate will cost Oregon more hospital beds.

— Portland Public Schools is wasting $300,000 of taxpayer dollars to keep kids “socially distanced” for school lunches. This is unscientific on multiple fronts. First of all, top-level scientists don’t even know where the “social distance” recommendations originated. Second, kids are not at risk of COVID-19. The Oregonian is right on track with the fearmongering, saying kids are more likely to have COVID than elderly Oregonians.

— You are no longer “safe” if you don’t have the vaccine. Rutgers University froze the accounts of several non-vaccinated students. They said they could not enroll in online-only classes because they did not get the COVID vaccine. Sen. Thatcher had a constituent experiencing the same issue.

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