Cartoon: How unserious, lost Portland has become

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We could not let this moment pass when Portland barely had any City Council meetings last summer while the City still struggled with a pandemic (near high cases), riots that made national news and the worst performing job area in Oregon.  Hardesty took off the entire time from Aug 2 to Sept 6th.

We applaud vacation time for our esteemed leaders, but not at the expense of ignoring real crisis’ and elevating silly ones.  Mayor Ted Wheeler decided to start a boycott war with Texas, which failed miserably, and eventually was retracted by the Mayor.  AT the same time, Joann Hardesty held a press photo-op to announce the newly named Ned Flanders bridge after a Simpsons character.

While Hardesty touted this transportation accomplishment, the Portland Rose Quarter road project is spiraling over of control by tens of millions of dollars and a just released audit of the City gas tax revenue shows gross mismanagement for the second audit in a row.

We are not the only ones laughing ta Portland, check out the Babylon Bee meme.

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