Lars Larson: NW prosecutor caught in anti-police tirade

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

What should happen when one of the highest ranking law enforcement officials in the Northwest publicly condemns the cops?

I think Clark County Chief Prosecuting attorney Rachel Rogers should offer a sensible explanation…or quit her job.

After all, prosecutors have to work with the cops every day, taking the cases to court that the police bring to her.

Rogers serves as a member of the Evergreen School District. Back in May, video shows her on a five minute tirade against School Resource officers. It sounded more like something written by Antifa or Black Lives matter. (quote)

“They are not making our kids safe,’’ “Our SROs are trained police officers. They are trained to look at people as threats. They are looking at our kids as threats. Data shows that schools with more police, more SROs, are more likely to refer kids to law enforcement which leads to charges and leads to arrests. Black students are more likely to be arrested than all other students while at school.’’

Let’s take apart that ridiculous statement.

Police are not trained to look at all people let alone children as threats.

Yet, some people do pose threats. Do you really want threatening children or adults in the schools?

And when police officers in a school spot a kid breaking the law, do you want the officer to ignore that? Or refer kids to law enforcement so they don’t go from the schoolhouse to the big house someday?