Sen. Boqusit: Redistricting scandal, vaccine mandate fallout, more…

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Surprisingly, leftist media in Oregon understands how the redrawn Oregon districts are gerrymandered to ensure Democrat success. Reporting by WWeek, the Oregonian editorial board, and OPB.

— Portland firefighters to wear bulletproof vests after rise in violent crime.

— The media is livid over Oregon schools that pushback against the horrific mask and vaccine mandates. One brave teacher in Redmond refuses to wear a mask and the school district is leaving them be (good!).

— It feels harder to push back or revolt against government and Big Tech mandates under the guise of COVID-19. The constant messaging gaslights everyday Americans who can make their own decisions and weighing the risks. The one-sided slant of the media, determined to get everyone vaccinated, regardless of impact or risk. Don’t forget that just this month over 1,000 Oregonians rallied at the Salem Capitol against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. 65% of Americans are against their fellow men and women losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates. However, anyone who disagrees or speaks out will be censored by YouTube (owned by Google). Paying attention shouldn’t be political.  If this is about health, why are they firing the health care employees?

— In Oregon, Legacy Health medical professionals are preparing to be fired under Gov. Brown’s vaccine mandate. Brown has prioritized government employees over medical staff in giving them 6 extra weeks to get the jab. Why the arbitrary deadline? Remember: hospital beds are counted based on the number of staff available to staff them. With upwards of 25% of medical staff in the Oregon unvaccinated against COVID-19 who are losing their jobs in mid-October, this will mean even less hospital beds for Oregonians that may need them for any number of medical reasons.

— ‘Biden Lied’: President Blasted After Top Generals Directly Contradict What Biden Said About Afghanistan

— US bars evacuation charter flight carrying American citizens and Afghan green card holders from landing as official claims DHS may need time to background check those on board. Yet, illegal immigrants get in without any background checks?? The first 30 minutes of this podcast is a background of what’s really going on at the border.

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