NW receives 1,880 Afghan refugees

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Over 1880 Afghan refugees are set to land in Washington and Oregon, with Washington accepting 1,880 and Oregon 180. Most of the Oregon refugees are expected to be resettled in the Portland and Salem area.  A total 37,000 Afghan refugees are expected for the entire country.

As America accepts refugees they should look to Canada’s private sponsorship model where they try to get people to sponsor refugees.  Canada has one of the world’s longest-standing private sponsorship program.   The more you match refugees with sponsors the more can accurately measure how much a particular community can properly accept, acclimate and handle the incoming refugee population.   Right now, it seems that the public is being left out of the debate when it comes to refugees.

It is interesting that Portland is accepting refugees at a time when the City is suffering from near-record breaking homicide and shooting increase and simultaneously being hit with the greatest homeless crisis the City has ever witnessed.

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