Backstabbing in the Biden White House

Politics is a rough business. No, not in the sense that it requires hard work or grueling hours – it doesn’t. It’s a rough business because, particularly in Washington, DC., it’s run by a ruthless ethos that demands avoiding responsibility for errors in judgment and/or implementation. Most often that plays out in finding a patsy and then dumping all blame on him/her/them.

We have been watching that play out in the finger pointing by President Biden in concert with the State Department. They have blamed the military and the intelligence services for the absolutely disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan replete with a suicide bombing killing 13 of our service men and women, a drone-strike on a car with a resulting explosion that killed only Afghan civilians, including children and several adults who had aided the American presence in Kabul for decades, and the abandonment of hundreds of American citizens in a race to retreat. The military and the intelligence community have struck back with a raft of data, intelligence reports and notes from meetings with Mr. Biden that prove without a doubt that he ignored his military leaders and the intelligence data and lied about virtually everything connected with the withdrawal. (Of course lying to avoid blame has been a hallmark of Mr. Biden’s tenure in public office for over fifty years.) The fact of the matter is that the two most culpable people in this saga are Mr. Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. And yet they continue unfazed to the next debacle which is likely to be making more concessions to Iran on the eve of it completing work on a nuclear weapon.

It now appears that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas will be the next patsy. As part of his duties, Mr. Mayorkas oversees immigration and customs and thus the onslaught of illegal aliens entering the country at will ever since Mr. Biden became president. This past week Mr. Mayorkas went through the ringer before House and Senate committees. As best as I can tell Mr. Mayorkas tried to defend the indefensible while providing, albeit delayed, accurate information relating to the number and disposition of the illegal aliens – an accounting that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki deliberately obfuscated for several days before the hearings.

Of course the media and the members of Congress critical of Mr. Mayorkas are very careful in how they speak about him. Mr. Mayorkas is a Latino – in this instance of Cuban descent and a refugee from former dictator Fidel Castro and his communist revolution. To paraphrase the line now being used by the politicians and the media is that Mr. Mayorkas seems to be a nice man but he just “not up to the job.” What a load of guano. Mr. Mayorkas seems to be well qualified based upon education, experience and accomplishments during his time as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security during the administration of former President Barack Obama. There is much with which I may disagree with Mr. Mayorkas but to suggest that he is “not up to the job” denigrates his intelligence and accomplishments and reeks of the very “racism” that the Democrats and mainstream media are so quick to run out when they cannot find a substantive reason for disagreeing.

But let’s be straight about this. Mr. Mayorkas is responsible for the implementation of immigration policy, for managing the Border Patrol and for providing for the logistics of dealing with the onslaught of illegal aliens crossing our southern border. What he is not responsible for is the policy of opening the border to the flood of illegal aliens that are pouring across it. That responsibility lies solely with Mr. Biden and his principal foreign policy advisor, Mr. Blinken. Mr. Mayorkas didn’t reverse virtually every executive order implemented by his predecessor, President Donald Trump – Mr. Biden did. Mr Mayorkas didn’t rescind the agreement with Mexico to hold illegal immigrants in Mexico pending adjudication of their requests for refugee status – Mr. Biden did. Mr. Mayorkas didn’t halt the building of the wall on our southern border – Mr. Biden did. Mr. Mayorkas didn’t encourage the illegals to race to the border – Mr. Biden did. Mr. Mayorkas didn’t ignore the dramatically increasing rate of illegal crossings until the capacities of Homeland Security were exhausted – Mr. Biden did. Mr. Mayorkas didn’t refuse to travel to the border to see first hand the volume of illegals crossing or the resulting misery in which women and children were forced to live – Mr. Biden did. Mr. Biden has never gone to the border in any capacity and Vice President Kalamata Harris only went once to El Paso, a safe site far from the dramatic crisis unfolding in Del Rio and that is the last we have heard from her despite having been designated as the “czar” for resolving the crisis.

No, the crisis on the border is not Mr. Mayorkas doing. It doesn’t exist because he is “not up to the job”. It doesn’t exist because he decided to take a vacation in the midst of a crisis as did Mr. Biden, Mr. Blinken and Ms. Harris. It happened solely and only because Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken wanted it to happen.

And that should scare the hell out of you.