State Senator Betsy Johnson Announces Governor Bid With No Political Party

By Reagan Knopp

Today, Senator Betsy Johnson sent an email to supporters announcing her intention to become Governor of Oregon as a member of no political party.

…having to choose between another left-wing liberal promising more of the same or a right-wing Trump apologist — is no choice at all. Oregonians deserve better than excesses and none of the extreme left and radical right. Oregonians are ready to move to the middle where sensible solutions are found. That is why I have decided to run for Governor as an Independent leader unaffiliated withy any party and loyal only to the people of Oregon.

Depending on the nomination method, Johnson will need to assemble 1,000 electors at one time to be nominated by assembly, or collect 24,000 signatures to make the ballot in November 2022. She cannot appear on the ballot to be re-elected to the Oregon Senate. Senate District 16 will be open and is considered more favorable to Republicans without Betsy Johnson on the ballot.