Oops! State accidentally sends 40,000 vaccine records to media

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon state government accidentally sent 40,000 vaccine records to the state’s two largest newspapers — The Oregonian and the Salem Statesman Journal. It meant to send just data totals but ended up sending the entire files.

Oregon Department of Administrative Services said it was a “mistake”.

This follows a pattern of mistakes by Oreon State government.

In 2019, 645,000 Oregonians had their confidential health data records exposed when employees carelessly clicked on email virus links.

In 2018, a State government employee copied 36,000 tax records which included personal information and Social Security Numbers.

In 2019, Oregon State University had 600+ records breached.

On one hand, the Oregon government is famous for being unable to properly access the records it has (Employment Department, DMV, Housing Dept. months delay in identifying, processing applicants) and now is equally famous for not holding on to the private personal records it possesses.

This also comes at a time when the Federal government is seeking pass a law that allows the Internal Revenue Service to access all personal bank accounts over $600 as a way to to do massive audits of ordinary Americans to locate tax fraud.

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