Hate Trumps Common Sense

My previous two columns were republications of columns written about President Joe Biden (D) and Vice President Katamala Harris (D) during the campaigns and prior to their elections in November of 2020. I wrote the column regarding Mr. Biden and my sister wrote the column regarding Ms. Harris. The reasons for each are self evident in those columns.

Over nine months have now passed since the inauguration of Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. All of the information contained in those above-referenced columns was known and available to voters at the time of the election. Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris made no secret of their intent to fundamentally change the social and economic fabric of the country. They made no secret of their embrace of the far left socialist agenda promoted by the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D/Socialist- NY). History has taught us that the socialist agenda never succeeds without deprivation of liberty and, most often, the exercise of government force.

And now that Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have planted the seeds of this destructive ideology throughout the federal government, let’s take a look at the results in that short period of time.

1. Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris promised to implement the Green New Deal advanced by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and other socialists in the Congress. They did so by withdrawing public lands from exploration and development – coal, oil, natural gas, oil shale and other forms of carbon based energy. They added to that by blocking future development of nuclear power despite its history as the cleanest means of providing energy and by supporting the removal of hydroelectric dams particularly in the West. They did so without regard to the lack of development of alternative forms of energy (wind, solar and a host of others that are more theoretical than actual) in sufficient quantities and with sufficient reliability to replace the lost carbon based energy and to account for the continuing growth in demand for electricity – including electricity for taxpayer subsidized electric vehicles. The result has been an almost instantaneous loss of America’s energy independence, soaring prices for gasoline, heating oil and natural gas – which together with other mistakes listed below is powering the rapid rise in inflation. And to top it off, Mr. Biden has returned empty-handed from the recent G20 and climate conferences where we not only saw little cohesion on environmental policy (one promised by Mr. Biden) but an actual and significant amount of “backsliding” by any number of major polluters on any timeline to reduce carbon emission. One can only guess that those members saw the mess that Mr. Biden has made of the United States’ economy with his shutting down access to carbon based energy to realize it will be even more devastating to their economies should they follow suit.

2. Mr. Biden, like his previous three predecessors (Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump), promised to end our involvement in Afghanistan. Unlike his three predecessors who attached conditions regarding the stability of the Afghani government and the capability of the Afghan military to resist the terrorists of the Taliban, Mr. Biden chose to ignore such conditions, ignore the advice of this military commanders, ignore the advice of his intelligence agencies and listen only to the nitwits at the State Department headed by his long time advisor in foreign affairs blunders, Antony Blinken. The result was an announced date for withdrawal without conditions, a reduction in the armed forces preceding that withdrawal, a failure to inform American citizens living or working in Afghanistan, a failure to inform Afghans who had worked for the American and were at risk from the advancing Taliban and a failure to utilize the most secure location in Afghanistan for Americans – Bagram Air Force Base. The result was thirteen American soldiers killed by an IED in the middle of the departure, an American missile attack that killed innocent Afghan civilians who had worked for the Americans, the stranding of over 500 Americans and countless Afghans to the mercies of the brutish Taliban and the pictures of Afghans falling from the side of an American passenger plane as it took off in a panic to leave Afghanistan. This was not the fault of our military or our intelligence service. This was the fault solely and only of Mr. Biden aided by Mr. Blinken. Along the way Mr. Biden virtually destroyed any relationship with allied armed forces with whom he failed to coordinate the withdrawal. In doing so, Mr. Biden continued an unbroken string of being on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue during his entire public service.

3. Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris promised to provide immigration reform and to stop the building of the wall on our southern border. Despite having a Democrat majority in both houses of the Congress, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have failed to propose any immigration reform legislation. Instead, in what can only be described as petty revenge, Mr. Biden has systematically reversed virtually every action taken by Mr. Trump to stem the flow of illegal immigrants at our southern border. First, he halted the building of the wall – one of the dumbest acts in history because the government is now paying the same contractors to NOT build the wall and the building supplies have already been purchased and are now wasting in the Texas sun – millions of dollars wasted because Mr. Biden (and his predecessor Mr. Obama) don’t like Mr. Trump. Mr. Biden also encouraged illegals to come to America with one hand but for the television audience mouthed platitudes of “not yet” when they surged across the border. He ended the “wait in Mexico” program that Mr. Trump had negotiated with the Mexican government for those seeking asylum and instead released hundreds of thousands of so-called “asylum seekers” into the heartland. And while White House acolytes have said that Mr. Biden will reinstate the “wait in Mexico” policy nothing has been done to do so. Meanwhile the surge of illegal immigrants since Mr. Biden took office exceeds 1.2 million and that does not include those who have escaped detection by the Border Patrol. Those escaping detection are usually drug and human traffickers. Drug traffic is up, led primarily by marijuana, cocaine and fentanyl with a staggering two thousand percent increase – enough to kill nearly eight million people. So many have crossed the southern border illegally that the Border Patrol has become an administrative agency tending to the physical needs (food, clothing, medical care and shelter) of the illegals – so much so that it barely has time to do any border enforcement. In summary, the border is wide open and neither Mr. Biden nor Ms. Harris have shown any inclination to do anything about. They are complicit in aiding and abetting illegal entry. They and they alone of responsible for this invasion.

4. Mr. Biden promised a return to normalcy – economic, political and civility. He has failed in all respects. Race relations are at a twenty year low, his Democrat Party has decided to render Republican participation in the legislative process irrelevant and the economy has hit a thirty year high in inflation. An article from Breitbart summarizes Mr. Biden’s effect on economic policy:”

America’s journey back to Carter-era malaise under Joe Biden continued on Friday with news that inflation is hitting 30-year highs. If food and energy prices are included – and most hard-working Americans would certainly include them – the Federal Reserve’s key inflation measure rose 4.2 percent year-over-year, far outstripping growth in personal income and reaching a level not seen since the beginning of 1991.

Biden defenders who formerly insisted his inflation surge was merely a temporary hiccup are falling silent, as the Federal Reserve and industry analysts are warning that higher prices are here to stay, and people in the lower-income brackets will be hard-pressed to pay them. Even Biden’s loyal media, as well as his pollsters, are nervously admitting that inflation can no longer be hidden from the American people – and the people are holding Joe Biden responsible for their plight.”

Then add to these his failures regarding negotiations with China, Iran, Russia, his alienation of France, the scandal encompassing his son Hunter (with a high probability that he is tied directly to them), his failure to bring the coronavirus under control and his affinity for mask and vaccine mandates with no visible difference between those states requiring the same and those resisting them, his frail physical appearance (including increasing difficulty following his teleprompter, falling asleep at public events, and refusal to answer critical questions, and his recent meeting with Pope Francis in which he announced that the pope told him that he was “good Catholic” and he should “continue to receive communion” – two lies to enhance his standing and which the Vatican has refused to confirm.

Mr. Biden, never the sharpest tool in the shop, is sliding not just in the polls but in his mental acuity, his physical appearance and his ability to chart a path for the nation. It is time for him to go. EXCEPT that his replacement is Ms. Harris who would be even worse.

You may remember Ms. Harris who early in her professional life decided that sex was easier that hard work and erudition, and thereafter parlayed a multi-year affair with the then-Speaker of the House in California into a couple of “no-show” jobs approaching $200,00 annually, a new BMW and access to Willie Brown’s Rolodex containing the movers, shakers and money men and women of California. For those of you forced to endure a teachers union led education in the Portland public schools, here is how Wikipedia describes no-show jobs:

A no-show job is a paid position that ostensibly requires the holder to perform duties, but for which no work, or even attendance, is actually expected. The awarding of no-show jobs is a form of political or corporate corruption.”

The only thing lacking in that description is a picture of Ms. Harris using her flirting cackle to avoid another question.

I once described Ms. Harris as “the most purposefully ignorant politician in the land.” Nothing in the interim has changed my mind. Not even Mr. Biden’s smitten fawning of Ms. Harris as he tried to build her public credentials for the promised run as the first woman President of the United States. So let’s see how she performed.

  • Mr. Biden appointed Ms. Harris to lead the advocacy of his “American Rescue Plan” (better known as the “Build Back Better” plan) which was to fundamentally change America including an infrastructure program highlighting the Green New Deal, bolstering women in the work force, assisting small business, overhauling the nations police forces, promoting racial equity, combating vaccination hesitancy, and assessing water policy.” Ms. Harris ran away from the task and nothing has been accomplished.

  • Mr. Biden appointed Ms. Harris to lead the effort to secure the “For the People Act” which was an attempt to federalize the administration of state and local elections and impose “racial equity” on the election process. Ms. Harris made a single visit to a handful of Democrats on Capitol Hill and then ran away. To date the proposal championed by both Mr. Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is dead.

  • Mr. Biden appointed Ms. Harris as “the border czar” to solve the problem of the wave of illegal immigrants swarming across the southern border. Ms. Harris ran away, She was finally shamed into visiting Texas but not where the illegal border crossing were occurring and that is the last anyone has heard from her on the crisis. There has been an over three hundred percent increase in the number of illegal border crossing since Ms. Harris was named “border czar.”

  • Ms. Harris has opted instead to travel the country, dine with donors and Democrat bigwigs and champion the administration’s give-away programs – the “something for nothing” part of her jobs. But it has backfired. By encouraging people to accept welfare instead of work, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have driven a labor shortage and the lowest Labor Force Participation rate in decades. All of that despite a record number of job openings grossly exceeding the number of people getting unemployment compensation. If you remain purposefully ignorant as Ms. Harris does, it would come as a surprise that if you pay people not to work, they won’t work. The rest of us saw it coming almost from its inception.

  • Despite Ms. Harris’ appointment to boost vaccination, she is better remembered for announcing one of the most ignorant, biased and partisan comments ever made by swearing she would not take a vaccine developed under Mr. Trump. In the aftermath she did take the vaccine and since then nobody takes her seriously about anything connected to the coronavirus.

  • There still looms the “mystery trip” that Ms. Harris made to the Palm Springs area several weeks ago. Nobody is talking and the records supposed to be kept for transparency purposes are non-existent. Is it a health issue? Was it a strategy session with her California backers to chart a new direction as Mr. Biden fades? Or was it a “job offer” from one of her money backers to give her an easy way out?

  • And she topped it of by filming a public service commercial showing children in rapt attention to her discussion of opportunities in space. But they weren’t real school children, they were child actors flown in from Hollywood and filmed at the Naval Observatory by a Canadian film crew.

So disenchanted have Mr. Biden’s handlers become with Ms. Harris’ performance there are few, if any, times that Mr. Biden appears with Ms. Harris. And from Ms. Harris’ standpoint that is just fine given the plunging approval ratings for Mr. Biden.

But here is the point of this column. Everything was known about these two losers prior to the election and yet they were elected. For those of you who voted for Mr. Trump, you must feel vindicated. For those of you who voted for Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris because you are die-hard, Yellow Dog liberals, party loyalty is a good thing but it has its limits when you know, or should know, the likely result. And for those who voted for Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris because you hated Mr. Trump, the joke is on you. The sins of Mr. Trump were largely a fiction – particularly those regarding Russian collusion, interference in the Ukraine, interfering in the Mueller investigation, and a myriad of other activities. Sure, Mr. Trump was a braggart and blow-hard and he was easy to dislike but where he led the nation in terms of economic recovery, job creation, foreign affairs, border security and battling the coronavirus pandemic will be legendary over time – not Mr. Trump himself but his policies. Just as Mr. Biden’s and Ms. Harris’ failures will be judged legendary on the other side of the equation.

It is time for Mr. Biden to go, but not until we solve the problem of Ms. Harris as his successor. In the mean time, Congress should be initiating impeachment proceedings against cabinet members who have furthered their disastrous agenda. Start with Secretary of State Blinker, move on to Attorney General Merrick Garland, and include Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for good measure. And a good look should be taken regarding Ms. Harris’ secret trip to determine if there were any high crimes and misdemeanors involved.