Five Big Taxes Defeated Across Oregon

This is a good day for overtaxed Oregon taxpayers!

Lane County Income Tax defeated by 71%
Jackson County defeated a property tax levy by 59%
Josephine County public safety measure failed
Coos County defeated a property tax by 68%
Curry County rejected a property tax by 67%

A Central Oregon 911 tax and a West Linn Public safety levy failed to get decent voter turn-out and was rejected. Both gained more yes votes but failed to convince voters that the election was important enough to participate in.

Special thanks to the local “We said No Committee” of Lane County for their hard work on defeating the Lane County Income Tax.

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  • John Fairplay

    What the heck happened to the “bigger government” mandate from last November?

    Congratulations Jason, and the local folks who won these victories.

  • Jerry

    Right on! Right on!

    Whatever will we do without the libraries, though? Maybe buy a book? Actually rent a video? Maybe borrow a book from a friend? Maybe read a book online using free WI-FI?

    No, wait, that wouldn’t be fair, would it????

    • Minimum Wage

      I found #2 to be somewhat silly. I earn minimum wage. I can’t afford to buy a book or rent a video, and I can’t afford a laptop to use free Wi-Fi. (Also I don’t have cable or satellite TV, I don’t have a VCR or DVD player, I don’t even have an iPod or a color TV. I’m using a cheap used 500MHz P3 machine without bells and whistles, e.g. no sound or CD burner.) I would be willing to pay something to use the library but obviously I don’t have a lot of money to work with.

  • Sweet Justice

    Yes!! No more libraries, police, fire trucks, municipal water supplies, sewage treatment, paved roads, sherriffs, paramedics, waste removal …

    I’m so relieved voters saw the light!

    • David G

      Calm down, chicken little! The sky is not falling. Voters simply declined to accept an INCREASE in taxes. Government, as we know it, was not repealed.

      Some people find it hard to do, but some of us believe that if we put more creative energy into figuring out how to live with what we have, we usually find that we can do just fine. The voters obviously want to give that notion more of a try.

  • Painter Phil

    YES! no more libraries means kids have to place to go after school! less money for the schools means less time in school! dumber kids means no skills in good decision making! no money to roads means less roads for cops to drive on to stop crimes! no money to law enforcement means fewer cops to stop those crimes, or watch kids out on the street, or incarcirate them, which means more graffiti! all this means more business for my paint shop!

    • Steve Plunk

      Let’s take a good hard look at why there will be no libraries in Jackson County.

      The library people campaigned for a bond measure in 2000 that was passed by pandering to every small community with offers of many branch libraries. The operating costs of those new libraries was not considered properly. Later, when the O&C money ran out (like expected) the operating revenues were not there to keep libraries open.

      The public had lost trust in the library people years earlier when the new central library was over built with an emphasis on visual impact and staff amenities. The trust was further tarnished by the closing of the libraries rather than a simple cut back in service before the levy vote. This closing established in many minds that the powers that be would punish taxpayers instead of working with them.

      In the long run voters have sent a message of fiscal discipline but also a message of who works for who. If Jackson County leaders are listening we may see some change for the good.

    • Anonymous

      Quit sniffing the paint fumes, Phil.


    I’m with you Sweet Justice! No more perverted , child molesters stalking kids from free library computers! No more Sheriffs running checks on people who complain about them, etc… Roads? Roads? All the road money is spent on lite rail anyhow, if this means no more lite rail, WOOHOO!

    It all depends on how you want to look at it. The people obviously have decided that those municipalities can run more effiecently so they decided not to give them anymore tax revenue.

    PERS is the drain in this state, once that issue is resolved THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF MONEY!

    • Sweet Justice

      A lot of light rail in Coos, Curry, Josephine, Douglas and Lane Counties, is there?

  • baldeagle

    Smith and Wesson won the shoot out in Josephine County, and we’re savin’ money with only one patrol car for the whole county. It’ll cut down on the wear-and-tear on the roads, and them pesky prosecutors won’t be wastin’ no time on any crime short of murder.

    Who needs law and order with important causes like starting a drive to collect 55,179 signatures needed to ban sexual discrimination in housing and work?

  • Anonymous

    Thank God people in this state are so apathetic that enough stayed home to make those levies that passed, actually fail! YAY for West Linn passing the police levy for the second time in a row (and this time by a 77 to 23% margin) but that so many were at the hair dresser getting thier nails and hair done or people were too worried about getting thier 1.5 kids to soccer practice, art instruction, guitar lessons, and the weekly luxory car show-off that there was less than a 50% registered voter turn out! because i’d hate for people’s votes to count!

    • Suburban Housewife

      First of all, it is not soccer season! We do not take our kids to art instruction or guitar lessons, because we have a well funded school district with exceptional art, music and PE programs … thanks to a local option levy that passed in a November election when there were actually other races and initiatives on the ballot to provide for a decent voter turnout.
      Just maybe voters are apathetic because they have lost confidence in city leaders following the largest embezzlement of public funds in the history of the state of Oregon. Might the City still suffer from a credibility problem considering West Linn’s finance director gambled away a few million? Wow! Money that would have been used for our police force! No checks and balance system in place and a former mayor that would have nothing to do with audits, not to mention a Secretary of State that does nothing to enforce a mandate for cities to execute annual audits. Unfortunately, our police coverage will suffer for this until city leaders can reestablish their credibility. And by the way, we don’t all drive luxury cars and at least our kids can spell.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, if there is one, just ONE bad apple. ALL apples should be punished! one guy embezzled! all government employees are EVIL! They are ALL like the jack ass! no one is to blame for who was elected mayor! it was the other guy who voted to put him in office! public safety isn’t important, so we should wait 6 months to a year to put it on the ballot, and then wait another 30 days or so if it passes before we implement it! there is never an immediate need for public safety! and ooooh! the ‘at least i can spell” argument! devestating! I guess the whole city is in 5th grade.

  • R Huse

    The dirty little secret that no one in support of the tax measures wants to face is that their opponents are in entire agreement with them. We want the police services etc. that the taxes would have provided for. There simply is a complete lack of trust. People know that the moment those taxes are passed there will be a plethora of “art walk” programs announced. They are right, we all know it.

    Governments message is – do well and you are penalized, screw up and all needs are catered. Im tired of it, everyone else is tired of it and at some point maybe government will get that message.

  • Jerry

    Minimum Wage – I agree with you completely that a library user fee is the answer. That way the people who use it most pay the most.

  • Jerry

    Tax them, tax them, tax them good,
    We need more stuff in the neighborhood.

    I want free lite rail, videos and books,
    Don’t want to pay – that’s just for kooks.

    I want free school breakfast, lunch and dinner,
    Cause it will turn me into a winner.

    Don’t really want to pay for anything,
    like health care, my car, or my wife’s wedding ring.

    Why shouldn’t everything just be free?
    It would be so fair to both you and me.

    My money, I must save it for a rainy day,
    So please, oh please, don’t make me pay.

    Just raise taxes on the other guy,
    And I won’t have to pay a price that’s high.

    It is plain and simple and should be understood,
    We need more stuff for the neighborhood.

    You may just find me a bit out of whack,
    But I’m just thinking like a Democrat!

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