Lars: Oregon’s power utilities are about as corrupt as it gets

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

A few days from now, we hit the darkest day of 2021 when it comes to sunshine

And its frosty cold outside as we head toward winter.

Seems like a great time to remind you of the blackouts and brownouts Pacific Northwest regional power authorities have planned for you .

Loss of Load Probability is the fancy term for it. A few years ago, we had a 2 percent chance of LOLP. Today, it’s 7 percent and headed higher.

Rachel Dawson at Cascade Policy tracks these ideas.

One of the biggest utilities in the region, PGE has a plan that reaches right inside your home to make up for electric shortages.

8 years from now, up to 25% of its flexibility for days we’re short…will come from your solar panels and even the electric car parked in your garage.

Now, to make that plan work PGE plans on 1 million electric cars in Oregon…one car out of three…in the next 8 years. I sure hope the utility is better at predicting sales than the state. Oregon set a goal of just 50-thousand electric cars in the state by last year and missed by 15-thousand .

PGE says when hydro water is short or the wind stops blowing…they’ll decide when to delay your car charging and even tap into your cars battery. And you thought you owned it.

Dawson sums it up as a pipe dream…and its likely to leave us all literally“chilling it”, in the dark.

Get a good radio that runs on batteries.

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