We hit 1M views! … help us with tax credit, deduction

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


In 2021, the coalition based website Oregon Catalyst yet again hit one million views.

Oregon Catalyst is one of the largest online political voices in Oregon and we do it without ad-clutter or paywalls.

The best way to support Oregon Catalyst is with a donation to their writers.

For instance


Cascade Policy Institute — Charitable deduction


•  Lars Larson by subscribing to his podcast, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel.


• Sen. Boquist’s Call out the media site.


– Catalyst has been around for 15 years
– 15 years of protecting liberty
– Conservative groups working together as partners
– Not afraid to show different points of view
– 15 years of reporting the stories the other media left out
– When Covid hit, we issued 120 straight days of commentary and reporting
– When the Portland riots exploded, we provided original on-site reporting, documentation.
– During the redistricting debate our site was the best place for conservatives to view the political maps and debate over Oregon’s new political boundaries.
– We broke several political stories over the years, keeping you in the first to know.
– A heck of a lot of cartoons on Governor Brown.

Please consider making a donation to one of our partners to keep the content alive, fresh and groundbreaking.

This type of success in Oregon does not happen by accident, it happens because people work together for a common goal.

Please support the people and groups that contribute to OregonCatalyst.