Cartoon: Why children are disappearing from Portland

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland is officially not safe for children as the latest numbers show near zero growth in the population of families with children:

Oregonian reports, “Oregon is one of 30 states nationally that recorded no growth, or even declines, in its number of children over the past decade, while other states – including Washington – posted gains in their respective kids counts.”

The State economist reports, “Portland is now the worst performing regional economy in the state.” and that the County’s population growth is just beneath the average county growth in the rest of the state.”

Simply put, Portland has become unsafe and unaffordable for families with children.  And all of it can be traced to actual decisions by politicians.

We compiled some of the worst contributing factors into a single cartoon to share with others so your city doesn’t do the same.  Liberal tax-and-spend and soft-on-crime policies are a threat to the modern family as the numbers show.

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