Sen. Boquist: Brown’s hospital PR stunt, Abuse of emergency power

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Interestingly, Gov. Brown pulled all National Guard out of the hospitals because the PR stunt the state needed to pretend it was doing something is over. Instead, Brown would rather portray hospitals as poorly staffed with no extra help (from the Guard who was getting paid by FEMA money) overrun with unvaccinated people. It’s all about how it LOOKS to keep people afraid. She has all the scapegoat she needs to extend her emergency powers until June 2022. Get ready for permanent masks!

— Remember, Oregon hospitals are short-staffed due, in part, to unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

— Two seconds after saying they wouldn’t use Uyghur-made products, Oregon’s Intel bowed to the CCP. American companies are run by weaklings who do not have moral courage and bend the knee for money.

VIDEO: Students forced outside in cold to eat to “protect each other” from COVID.

— The Taxpayer’s Association has awarded honorees for the 2021 Thomas Jefferson Award.

— Congressman Cliff Bentz writes about the marijuana problem in Oregon.

— Modern America’s most successful secessionist movement: In rural Oregon, voters fed up with their state’s leftward turn have embraced a simple and outlandish idea: What if we were just Idaho?

Beyond Oregon

— Omicron is also 80% less likely to lead to hospitalization than the Delta variant.

— YIKES: CNN is writing glowing headlines about Trump. CNN is salivating at the possibility the man runs for president again.

— New York Times employees describe their experiences escaping Afghanistan.

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