Sen. Thatcher to run for newly drawn Senate D#11

Oregon State Senator Kim Thatcher
Press Release.

Senator Kim Thatcher to Run for Re-election in Newly Drawn Senate District 11

Veteran lawmaker is focused on solutions to homelessness, reducing crime, and checking government overreach

Keizer, Ore. – Today, Senator Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) announced that she would file paperwork for re-election in newly drawn Senate District 11, which includes the I-5 corridor from Keizer to Woodburn and much of Salem.

“As State Senator, I have always worked hard to be an advocate for taxpayers, small businesses, and hardworking families,” Senator Thatcher said. “The last few years have shed light on the true consequences of run-away government overreach. Problems facing Oregon families continue to get worse, while Portland politicians continue to push their radical agenda. Salem needs balance, I look forward to bringing my message to my current constituents and my new neighbors in the Woodburn and Salem area.”

Senator Thatcher has been trusted twice previously by voters from District 13, which runs from Keizer to South Hillsboro to represent them as their State Senator. She previously served 10 years in the House of Representatives.

“Oregonians want their families to feel safe, but skyrocketing crime and homelessness are knocking on everyone’s door. Inflation and increasing costs of living because of overregulation and taxation are threatening livelihoods. I look forward to talking to voters about my vision for a more accountable government that meaningfully tackles these issues, instead of continuing to throw more money at failed policies.”

Senator Thatcher has a long record of advocating for accountable state government. As a State Representative, she chief sponsored legislation to establish Oregon’s first transparency website. She has sponsored several more pieces of legislation to improve access to public records, including just last year making the Public Records Advocate an independent office, insulated from political pressures.

Keeping with accountability, Senator Thatcher is introducing legislation in the upcoming legislative session that would require school districts to post education plans and curriculum on a publicly available website.

“This legislation is about putting parents in the driver seat of their children’s education and making local government more transparent and accountable to them,” Thatcher continued. “Parents deserve to know what is going on in their children’s classrooms. It’s time to bring education transparency into the 21st century by making this information more accessible.”

Senator Thatcher’s campaign website is