Poll: Near 90% say quality of life is getting worse

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


“We’re Not Getting Worse” says 12% of Portland. The Other 88% Disagrees.

Portland voters simply are not buying what the City is selling. Rising crime, economic uncertainty, and a homeless debacle have contributed to Portlanders’ disapproval.

As reported already by multiple Oregon publications, a recent poll conducted by DHM Research and funded by the Portland Business Alliance revealed stunning pessimism among Portlanders.

Importantly, this is how Portland likely voters see their city – this was not a poll conducted among voters viewing Portland from a distance.

From the Portland Business Alliance Website:


• 88% of Portland voters polled say that quality of life is getting worse – up from 49% in 2017.
• 62% of voters polled say that the Portland region is headed on the wrong track – up from only 26% in 2017.
• 81% of polled voters view City Council as ineffective when it comes to providing public services.

These poll numbers reveal that Portland’s aggressive liberal agenda is causing widespread harm and discontent to its citizens.

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