HB 4126 forces unions on more healthcare care workers.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


We are in the midst of both an unparalleled mental health crisis and historic labor shortage.    There is soaring high demand upon a record shortage of qualified personnel. The politicians’ answers is more unions.  House Bill 4126 essentially requires all state behavioral health contractors to be unionized.  That is pretty much every significant behavioral health provider in the state as most of them are under Medicaid CCO or PEBB/OEBB contracts as providers.

Remember it is the unions who passed anti-competition laws blocking out-of-state healthcare workers from easily coming to Oregon.  Unions also push laws blocking hospitals from being built without going through a laborious process to prove their merit — a system that does not exist in other states.   Unions also pushed the hospital taxes passed by the Legislature.  The very organizations that are contributing to the rising cost of healthcare and helping drive the labor shortage crisis are now asking for more of the same.

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