Christine Drazan: Stop endless emergencies. Stop politics in classroom.

By Christine Drazan for Governor,

“We have got to end these state of emergencies we have been under. It has been an excuse for too much top down government control and its got to stop. I will lead with facts and not fear. That means I will trust Oregonians to make the best decisions for their own health and for their own family. That means the vaccine and mask mandates end on day one.

It also means we are committed to schools. To keeping schools open and in person full-time. and our kiddos in fact should not have to have politics be apart of their classroom experience. We need to leave politics at home. We need to get back to the core functions of educating our kids. Teaching them how to think and not what to think. And insuring that parents have a larger voice in educating their own children.”

Christine Drazan for Governor