Bridget Barton calls for safety crackdown after weekend bloodshed

By Bridget Barton for Governor Campaign,

Republican Outsider Bridget Barton Calls for Government Safety Crackdown After Weekend Bloodshed in Portland

The West Linn Republican outsider calls on the legislature to halt any anti-police legislation it’s now considering, reverse 2021 legislation that ties the hands of police during riots and offer police bonuses

Portland, Ore. — February 21, 2022 — After 10 Portlanders were shot and two killed over the weekend, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bridget Barton called on lawmakers and Governor Brown to halt their assault on law enforcement and promote safe streets as their top priority.

A family of four, including two children, were shot in their car on Sunday night in Southeast Portland that added to the violent weekend in one of America’s most violent cities.

“Why are we right now considering new laws in Salem that further tie the hands of police? How many more people need to die violently on our streets before the Governor and the legislature realize that we need to make safety for our families Priority Number 1?” said Barton. “This is what happens when you defund police, legalize hard drugs, promote open borders, elect district attorneys who give criminals get-out-of-jail-free cards, and release thousands of hardened criminals back on our streets.”

To retain officers and stem violence in Portland, Barton called on state lawmakers and Governor Brown to:

• Reject pending legislation, like Senate Bill 1510, currently proposed in Salem to make it harder to catch and keep criminals in jail.
• Repeal HB 2928 (2021) that lawmakers passed to tie the hands of police to control riots and out-of-control crowds.
• Release emergency state funding for Portland Police retention and recruitment bonuses for officers.

About Bridget Barton for Oregon
Bridget Barton is a conservative writer who has spent the last 30 years advocating for conservative solutions to big problems like school performance and choice, business regulations and natural resources. She started a successful conservative magazine called Brainstorm NW in the late 1990s and as a local small business owner, wife, parent of two grown kids and a woman of strong faith, is an outsider who’s focused on solutions to Oregon’s biggest problems such as crime, addiction, mental health and education. Barton is also a horsewoman who broke horses to help put her kids through college. At 68 years old, Bridget Barton is not running to get the job—she’s running to do the job. To learn more about Bridget, visit