Lars Larson: Facing another murder record year

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

If you thought last year’s murder record was bad, brace yourself:

2021 saw 90 homicides, far above the record set more than a third of a century ago at 66.

Portland is now tracking along at an average of two homicides a week for 2022.

Hundreds of shootings have exploded in Neighborhoods all over the Rose City.

Saturday night, one woman died and five were wounded in a shooting in Northeast Portland.  It came after a confrontation between an armed homeowner and armed protestors.

The woman killed was June Knightly, who has been part of so-called racial justice protests.

Police think there were witnesses to what happened Saturday night, but detectives say most of those witnesses left the scene without talking to cops.

Meanwhile at City Hall, Feckless Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland says he’s “saddened”.

It is sad that the Police Commissioner of a major American city…who helped create the violence problem by bowing down to the mob in the streets, now offers nothing but press releases and sadness.

Portland needs action.

Without action, we’re fated to see a hundred homicides this year.

I’m sure Ted Wheeler is already writing his press release for that murder milestone.