A gross example of careless government, health hypocrites

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

It was a sunny and popular Holiday President’s Day at Hood River last weekend with lots of people visiting the Columbia river.

Unfortunately, the restroom was replaced by a port-a-potty that had not been serviced for which the port-a-potty toilet was nearly overflowing out the sides with all its contents.

No running water.

No soap.

Even worse, people had to pay a parking fee just to access the river and access the non-functioning restroom.

That’s right, government forced people to pay money for no service.   There were plenty of customers who paid that holiday weekend, but having hundreds of paying customers was not enough to give us actual service.

This is not an isolated incident as throughout the pandemic various park trailhead restrooms were closed. I guess park officials considered it too much of a Covid health risk to send its employees outside to unlock a pit toilet lock.  Yet, State Government awarded $1,200 Covid bonuses to those government employees that worked during Covid (In addition to 7% raises).   Government workers got raises.  We got locked bathrooms.

Not what we expected since Oregon received nearly $5 billion in Covid funding on top of record revenue into state and local government coffers.

Near the restroom was a sign that mentioned a labor shortage.


Turns out that Oregon government jobs were the most untouched by job losses.


And they were the best paid.



Furthermore, when you sit on an overflowing toilet and don’t provide either water or soap, is that not a HEALTH RISK?

We thought Oregon, one of the last mask mandate states in America, was concerned about health.   Or is it that Oregon government is concerned about telling/mandating other people to be healthy but when it comes to government’s own health actions, they can just avoid it?

Do us a favor, pass along this article to remind people of how much of a health hypocrite our government has become.

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