Dawn Lesley Lies About Voting to Increase Commissioner Salaries

Dawn Lesley, Democrat for Lane County Commissioner

By Jay Bozievich

Commissioner Jay Bozievich made public an audio file of budget committee member and candidate for West Lane Commissioner Dawn Lesley denying she ever voted to support increasing commissioner’s wages despite a recorded video of her voting in support while chairing the budget committee meeting. Commissioner Bozievich brought this to the attention of the Board today because Commissioner Heather Buch had nominated Lesley for another term on the budget committee. He offered to play the audio tape for the Board during the meeting.

Commissioner Bozievich asked Commissioner Buch to either withdraw the nomination or for the Board to delay action while they verified the audio tape independently. Commissioner Buch did not withdraw the nomination, Vice-Chair Laurie Trieger moved to make the appointment and the motion passed on a 3-2 vote (Buch and Commissioner Joe Berney voting with Trieger) despite being presented with evidence that Lesley lied about action she took as a budget committee member.

Commissioner Bozievich commented later, “As someone who wants to be a public official you have to have integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Unfortunately, Dawn Lesley forgot that everything you say as a public official or candidate for public office is public and will be fact checked.”

“It is also concerning that Buch would not withdraw or delay the action on Lesley due to the serious nature of lying about the business conducted by the budget committee that Lesley was nominated.” Bozievich also stated.

The Audio file of Dawn Lesley comments from her campaign event in Mapleton, OR on 2/19/22 are attached to electronic versions of this release and available on request.