College caught using police lie to cancel Oregon author Andy Ngo

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

Oregon independent reporter and bestselling author Andy Ngo was invited to speak to Dartmouth College on January 18th. After liberals complained online, Andy Ngo was blocked from speaking on campus. Dartmouth college claimed that local police had inside information over safety concerns and and as a result the police recommended to the college that the event be cancelled.  The Post Millennial reports that a public records request by FIRE revealed that the police had no such insider information (that wasn’t publicly variable) and that the police did not make such a recommendation. Therefore, the college just lied in order to block a reporter from speaking on campus and violate the free speech rights of the students who planned the event.  Andy Ngo is often blocked because he has exposed the works of violent Leftists like Anarchists and Antifa.

The Post Millennial reports, “When faced with illiberal attempts to use violence to squelch speech,” FIRE writes, “a commitment to expressive freedom requires universities to address the disruption, protect the speaker, and ensure that events can go on as planned, Dartmouth did the exact opposite — punishing the student groups by altering the venue and format of their event at the last minute despite no evidence of severe disruption, and law enforcement’s extensive preparations to ensure public safety.”

– Protests against Andy Ngo have blocked him from speaking at college campuses.   This is similar to how protesters at Portland State University keep any dissenting arguments from their campus.

– Portland protesters successfully got Powell’s Books to pull Andy Ngo’s book, Unmasked, from their shelves.

Read Post Millennial full story here.