Bridget Barton releases “Tired of the HORSE SH!%” video

It’s March Madness and Oregonians are Tired of the HORSE SH!%

By Bridget Barton for Governor,

Republican Outsider Bridget Barton Launches First TV Ad of the Primary

Portland, Ore. —March 16, 2022 — Republican outsider Gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton launched the first television ad of the primary season from any candidate for Oregon Governor. “Oregonians are tired of the horse sh!% and they’re ready for an outsider like me to fix it.”

In a new March Madness basketball-themed ad released today, the West Linn mom and conservative writer plays a game of basketball H-O-R-S-E with two horses in a pasture. As Barton shoots a basket for each letter of H-O-R-S-E, she calls out the biggest problems that only an outsider can fix.

H – stands for “insanely High gas and grocery prices; illegal cartel Heroin, fentanyl and opioids on our streets, killing our kids,” says Barton.

O – stands for “Outrageous mandates, shortages and gun violence.”

R – stands for “even Republicans let it happen and didn’t stop the madness.”

S – stands for “State capitol politicians make it so much worse with shutdowns, extra gas and green taxes, defunded police, onerous mandates and regulations.”

E + S-h-! – % – stands for “Everyone knows you get the same Sh!% electing the same failed politicians,” Barton finishes as she makes her fifth shot.

“Republican Bridget Barton, the ‘No Horse Sh!% Outsider’ for Governor,” says an announcer.

Oregonians can view the ad on local TV stations throughout Oregon during the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament, which kicked off this past weekend and will run through April 4. It can also be viewed on YouTube, and Bridget Barton’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

About Bridget Barton for Oregon– Bridget Barton is a conservative writer who has spent the last 30 years advocating for conservative solutions to big problems like school performance and choice, business regulations and natural resources. She started a successful conservative magazine called Brainstorm NW in the late 1990s and as a local small business owner, wife, parent of two grown kids and a woman of strong faith, is an outsider who’s focused on solutions to Oregon’s biggest problems such as crime, addiction, mental health and education. Barton is also a horsewoman who broke horses to help put her kids through college. At 68 years old, Bridget Barton is not running to get the job—she’s running to do the job. To learn more about outsider candidate Bridget, visit