Oregon landslide election is at risk over missing candidates

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC


All signs point to a landslide election this November:

Biden has the fastest approval rating drop of any President.

Gov. Brown was rated as the most disliked Governor of all 50 states.

Even in progressive San Francisco, where Biden won by 80%, three ultra-liberal School Board candidates were recalled by over 70% of the vote. That’s 70%!!!

All signs point to a massive victory for candidates who favor lower taxes and more freedom this November.

The only problem… Oregon has a shortage of candidates.

There are dozens of Oregon seats with not a single candidate to challenge the incumbent (who just raised your taxes and kept Oregon locked down longer than 47 other states).

Remember, only a few months ago a New Jersey truck driver spent only $153 as a candidate and defeated the sitting State Senator.   The truck driver won based on a good Voter Pamphlet statement — giving voters a choice.   Oregon voters want the same choice this November.



If there was ever a time to run in the past 40 years, this is the year.

In our lifetime we may never see this opportunity again to this scale.

Just by putting up a Voter Pamphlet statement you have a chance to share your values and beliefs with some 50,000 voters. It would be perfect if voters had a low-tax, pro-liberty candidate in every single race.

The deadline to file is Tuesday March 8th.

You can learn about filing here.  Or if you need help you can call our office.

Option #2 — become a Precinct Person.  If you cannot run as a candidate then please consider running as a neighborhood Precinct Committee Person to represent your political party.

Precinct People get to vote directly on who gets to replace lawmakers when a seat becomes vacant.   There have been a half dozen vacant lawmaker seats this cycle alone and those seats were decided, in part, by just a few hundred Precinct People.   Neighborhood Precinct People can carry a lot of political power and importance.   Neighborhood Precinct People also get to play a role in who gets to be Chair of their Political Party, what issues make up the Party Platform, they get to vote on their County Chairs and also vote on who gets to be delegates to the National Presidential Convention (which could be you!).   Over 70% of the Neighborhood Precinct People seats go vacant and therefore local Political Party leaders are desperate to fill the open seats where no one is running.

You can file as a Neighborhood Precinct person here.

The deadline is just weeks away, please pass this article along by email, Tweet and Likes.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what political party you are, you can play a role in the November election by running for office or as a Precinct Person.

— Post script: Giving voters choices also increases voter turn-out.  The Oregon Voters Pamphlet is the most read document of the year.  When voters see many candidates they like (especially if all the races are filled) in the Voters Pamphlet they are more likely to vote as opposed to having only one or two races to be excited about.   This means running for office can actually increase voter turn-out up and down the ballot for all the candidates.  Running for office not only means there is a chance you can win but you can help like-minded candidates win as well. 

— Contribute online at OregonWatchdog.com (learn about a Charitable Tax Deduction or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).