Beaverton to pummel homeowners with $700 property tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Beaverton property owners have a reason to fear this May ballot.

The Oregonian, Feb 16th, reports, “Beaverton voters will be asked to approve $723 million bond to
replace Beaverton High…resulting in a $709 school construction related tax bill for the owner of the typical home…”

A $709 property tax increase will slam many homeowners and business commercial property owners who are already reeling from the pandemic costs, supply-chain woes and a 40-year inflation high.

Seniors on limited income will be especially hit hard with a $709 tax increase.

Spending $723 million to build a single high school seems quite excessive.

That excessiveness is what is making the cost to homeowners unbearable.

If you live in Beaverton and are concerned and would like to know more about this tax or know what you can do about it, please call us, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon, at 503-603-9009 or email us below:

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